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3 Ways Adolescents Benefit from Women’s Rehab

In the past, rehab was an all ages endeavor, ignoring the specific concerns that face adolescent addicts. In addition, programs were for both genders, creating an environment that needed to be very generalized to address all patients. It is only in more contemporary times that we see programs moving to individualized treatment plans and care. When you can narrow the focus of your rehab program, you increase the specificity of your program and expertise of the staff.

If you are a young woman with a substance use disorder or your loved one is, you are concerned with finding the best care available. The concerns that trouble adolescents differ widely from the ones faced by adults. The hormonal differences alone indicate that traditional biological and social concerns simply aren’t applicable.

And young ladies experience a far different set of pressures and developmental changes than young gentlemen. For these reasons, you should think about women’s rehab for adolescents.

To learn more about how rehab for women provides the best care possible for an adolescent woman, call 888-821-1257 Who Answers?. You can learn all about the programs and the ways in which they are specifically structured to meet the needs of their patients. Don’t wait to get in touch. Call today.

The Need for Adolescent Rehab

Adolescents Benefit

A women’s rehab is skilled in diagnosing co-occurring mental disorders in adolescents.

According to an article in Current Psychiatry Reports, an estimated 1.5 million teens meet the criteria for dependence or addiction. However, only seven percent of them get the care that they need. One contributing factor to the gap is a lack of access to specialized adolescent treatment programs. It is imperative that teens get care catered to their needs because they:

  • Are more susceptible to peer pressure than adults
  • Are more focused on immediate concerns than adults
  • Have higher rates of co-occurring mental problems than adults
  • Have lower problem recognition than adults
  • Have higher rates of binge drinking than adults

Peer Interactions

The susceptibility to peer pressure evidenced by teens can be used for a positive gain. When they connect with peers in treatment, they see examples of people like them recovering and succeeding in treatment. Further, those adolescents that are further along in the program can take newer patients under their wing and walk them through the treatment process. Young people are more likely to take that overview in than one delivered by an adult.

Adolescents in a rehab for women have the benefit of peer interaction without any of the awkwardness that occurs between young men and women during this time in their life. They don’t have to disclose embarrassing things in front of boys, they don’t have opposite sex crushes to distract them from treatment, and they escape the daily annoyances and trials that are the result of interrelating with young men.


Adolescent rehab is incredibly busy. While admitted, young people balance:

  • Individual therapy
  • Addiction education sessions
  • Group therapy
  • Support groups
  • Family therapy
  • On-site schooling
  • Guidance counselor meetings
  • Chores

Often, teens turn to substance abuse as a way to fill up their free time. When this is limited, they have less cravings to use. Additionally, they learn to budget their time, making sure all their responsibilities are taken care of before they can get any downtime.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, the teen brain is still developing, and “the parts of the brain involved in keeping emotional, impulsive responses in check are still reaching maturity.” Though young women are a bit farther along in development than young men of the same age, they are still adjusting to these changes and a stable structure enables them to resist poor impulses.

Dangers of Teenage Substance Abuse

Mental Health Care

Many young people who suffer from addiction were victims of a trauma and/or have a co-occurring mental disorder. Because of the developing brain of the teen, separating the symptoms of a mental illness or trauma reaction from normal teen behavior is hard. An adolescent rehab program is skilled in doing so. Further a rehab for women can become even more precise, sorting symptoms from gender specific hormonal and developmental side effects.

If you want to get the best care possible among a like-minded group of young women, Call 888-821-1257 Who Answers?. You can connect with people like yourself and make the progress in recovery that you really want to.

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