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Adderall Street Names

Adderall is a stimulant that is often prescribed for the treatment of ADHD or similar types of hyperactivity disorders. When the drug is taken as prescribed, it is relatively safe and highly effective at helping people to restore stability into their lives; however, when abused, Adderall can cause an array of complications and side effects. Many users talk about Adderall using street names, nicknames and terminology that prevents others from realizing what it is that they are really saying.

According to the Indiana Prevention Resource Center, Adderall is known on the street as an “upper.” This is because the drug is a stimulant that causes increased energy, elevated heart rate and improved focus when used in moderate to low doses. Unfortunately, this “upper” has the potential to cause lasting side effects if it is abused.

Street Names Related to Appearance

Many Adderall street names refer to the appearance of the medication when it is prescribed. The pills are usually black, blue or red and white in color. As such, you may hear people talking about Adderall using the following lingo:

  • Black Beauties
  • Black Beans
  • Blue Brights
  • Red Dexies
  • Red Pep

Adderall Street Names Related to the Effects of the Drug

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Slang names for Adderall often are based on its color.

Often times, college students will take Adderall in an effort to produce improved focus so that they can stay awake for a prolonged period of time and study for an exam. This is where Adderall abuse really begins and it’s the most common place for abusive use of this drug to take place. Often times, the street names for Adderall are in reference to the effects that the drug has on the user. Such street names include:

  • Zing
  • Stay Smart
  • Study Buddies
  • Smart Pills
  • Speed
  • Pep Pills

Importance of Street Smarts

So why is it so important to be smart about the names that are being used to openly talk about Adderall and other drugs? If you’re a parent, you should know what your children or teens are talking about so that you can prevent them from having illicit conversations right in front of you. If you’re a caregiver, teacher or similar member of society, you should know what is being said so that provide proper guidance. You should know the street names and be aware of the conversations that are taking place around you no matter what your position is as it can help to keep you safe, and it can clue you in as to when someone you know or care about may be in need of help.

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